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Imperiale 3D Chess Board

Imperiale 3D Chess Board

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At Fiastra, we are committed to sustainable practices that make a positive impact. Our products are proudly made in the Netherlands, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship and adherence to high-quality standards.

In our dedication to reducing environmental impact, our products are crafted from recycled bioplastic and recycled plexiglass. By repurposing these materials, we contribute to a circular economy, minimizing waste and conserving valuable resources.

With each purchase, you're not just acquiring a functional piece of art, but also supporting our mission for a greener future. Experience the elegance of design while knowing that your choice aligns with ethical and sustainable principles.

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Our customer-oriented return policy underscores our commitment to ensuring your experience with Fiastra remains exceptional, just like our products.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What makes Fiastra products unique?
At Fiastra, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Each product is carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a truly unique and premium experience.

2. Are Fiastra products sustainable?
Yes, sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy. We source recycled and eco-friendly materials for our creations. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our production processes, all of which take place in the Netherlands.

3. How do I track my order?
Once your order is processed, we'll send you a track & trace link. You can easily monitor the progress of your package as it makes its way to you.

4. What are the shipping options and costs?
We offer estimated delivery times of 1-3 days for the Benelux, 1-6 days for Europe, and 1-9 days for the rest of the world. Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout. Enjoy free shipping for orders above €75.

5. Can I return a product if I'm not satisfied?
Absolutely! We accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Simply email us at, and we'll provide you with a return label. You can choose between package collection or drop-off at a nearby parcel point.

6. Where are Fiastra products manufactured?
All Fiastra products are proudly made in the Netherlands. Our local production ensures the highest quality and supports local craftsmanship.

7. Do you offer customization options?
Yes, we provide customization options for larger orders. Reach out to us at to discuss your specific requirements.

8. How can I contact your customer support?
For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach us at Our dedicated team is here to provide timely and helpful responses.

9. Are Fiastra products suitable as gifts?
Absolutely! Our thoughtfully designed products make for unique and cherished gifts. You can add a touch of sophistication to any occasion with Fiastra.

10. Can I visit a Fiastra showroom?
Currently, we operate online and do not have physical showrooms. However, we provide detailed product information and images on our website to help you make informed decisions.


You can always contact us easily and quickly, just send an email to and we will answer your email within 12 hours!

Made in the Netherlands from sustainable materials, Italian design.

Introducing the Fiastra - Imperiale 3D Chess Board: A Timeless Fusion of Luxury and Functionality. This exquisite creation seamlessly merges the rich heritage of traditional chess with the allure of modern design, captivating both avid chess enthusiasts and lovers of fine craftsmanship. Crafted with artful precision and strategic brilliance, this board stands as a testament to elegance, strategy, and enduring beauty. Constructed with conscience, sustainable materials enhance the art of chess, as recycled bioplastic and plexiglass form its foundation. Embrace the allure of design with every strategic move on this innovative masterpiece that unlocks new dimensions of play. It is where sustainable design meets the mastery of chess, leaving a positive impact while showcasing the brand's commitment to sophistication and responsible production practices. Sustainably made in the Netherlands.
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Made from recycled materials

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Most frequently asked questions:

What is the shipping time?

We ship Fiastra products worldwide. Orders reaching us before 16:00 will be shipped the same day, unless otherwise indicated. The shipping time in the Netherlands is 1 day,
EU: 3 days, rest of the world: 3-8 days.

Can I return the product if I don't like it?

Yes! We have created our own easy-to-use returns portal where you can return products yourself. You can also send us a message to

Are the products of Fiastra sustainable?

The products by Fiastra are sustainably made in the Netherlands.

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